Board of

Man Up Teacher Fellows will recruit high school boys of color who are aspiring teachers and support them through high school, college, and into their professional life.

Men of color make up less than 2% of the nation’s teachers. Man Up Teacher Fellowship, Inc. is changing this!

Dr. Patrick Washington

CEO & Founder

Promise Academy Spring Hill
Founding Principal

Dr. Ralph Calhoun
(901) 435-1278

LeMoyne-Owen College Division Chair for EducaTon

Ms. LaWanda Hill
(901) 881-5122

New Leaders, Inc. ExecuTve Director, Program Implementation

Mr. Craig Robinson
(901) 416-3750

Georgian Hills Elementary
Assistant Principal

Mr. Chuck Molinski
(901) 726-3100

Goodwill Excel Centers Memphis
Vice President

Ms. Jessica Tang
(901) 259-5959

Freedom Prep
Residency Director

Mr. Broderick Stevens
(901) 416-0990

Douglass High School

Mr. Jamar Wright
(901) 324-4456

Promise Academy

Mr. LaDerrick Williams
(901) 452-2682

KIPP Memphis

Mrs. Rita White
(901) 626-7453

Shelby County Schools
Instructional Leadership Director

Mr. Jeffrey Veale, Jr.
(901) 512-4495

Leadership Prep