To build a network of successful male teachers of color with at least three years of experience to serve as mentors to Year 1 and Year 2 Man Up Teacher Fellows.

Men of color make up less than 2% of the nation’s teachers. Man Up Teacher Fellowship, Inc. is changing this!



Black male teachers’ experience and satisfaction depended on whether they were the only Black man in the school, a “Loner,” or one of many Black men in their schools, a “Grouper.” Loners believed they were socially alone and disconnected from the core mission of the school. (Bristol, T., 2017)


Men of color who are currently licensed practicing teachers with at least three years of successful classroom teaching experience.
Serve as mentors
Weekly check-ins (Virtual – 15 min.)
Monthly session (2 hours)
Receive research based training on coaching, mentoring, and teaching.
Career Planning Support
Yearly stipend ($3,000 – $5,000)

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